Innerspace’s new video, “Mister Mayor”

innerspace-the-villageCanadian (Floydian/space) prog band, Innerspace, has released its first video from the first album, “The Village.”  This past summer, I wrote this about the new album.

Greatly indebted to 1970‘s Pink Floyd (and especially the guitar and vocal work of David Gilmour), Innerspace offers some incredible space rock, haunting vocals and sound effects, and beautiful melodies.  From the information listed on the official website, the members of Innerspace look very young, and it gives me hope that these four will only get better (starting off very powerfully already).  I’m especially impressed with their lyrics–touching and imagistic vignettes, full of emotion and hope when dealing with ordinary folks.  The lyrics are also, in the great tradition of prog and, most especially, Pink Floyd, quite skeptical of political and economic authorities, in particular for those “behind the throne” where a “masquerade exists.”  I’m with these guys.  While the album flows together as a seamless whole, lyrically as well as musically, it really becomes a thing of brilliance around the middle of the third track, “Wild Flower.”  From this part in the album, I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the video:

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