Nosound–Quite the Contrary

comboweb640 (1)There can be no doubt that this will be one very, very great year for Prog.  We’ve already had masterpieces from Big Big Train and Cosmograf.  Sanguine Hum has released its second, though it’s still not available in North America.  Matt Stevens, Ayreon, Heliopolis, Advent, and the Tin Spirits are working on new albums as well.  Very exciting.

One of the albums I’m most looking forward to this year is the new studio album (KScope–May 6, 2013) from Nosound, “Afterthoughts.”  It will be their fourth studio release.

Sea of Tranquility was able to get a hold of a pre-release copy and has offered an excellent review.  You can read it here.

I’ve been a huge fan of this Italian (now, Anglo-Italian with the addition of Chris Maitland on drums) post-prog act for coming up on a decade now.  Indeed, I find Lightdark (2008) and A Sense of Loss (2009) to be essential parts of any serious progger’s library.  When music historians look back on this current revival of prog, the albums of Nosound will stand at the forefront–along with the works of Big Big Train, Glass Hammer, Gazpacho, Cosmograf, Ayreon, and The Fierce and the Dead . . . and many others (what a great time to be a prog fan!).

This music is contemplative and wave-like, without ever descending into the abyss of self-absorption or ascending into the madness of over-the-top ELPism.  Probably the best descriptive of Nosound’s perfectionist sound would be: tasteful.

Nosound’s official website is:  I preordered “Afterthoughts” the moment the CD was announced, and I very much look forward to reviewing it.

4 thoughts on “Nosound–Quite the Contrary

  1. John Deasey

    Brad, I’ve always found my interest in Nosound of a ‘passing nature – everything I hear I like but somehow I’ve not dived in and really got into them – maybe this article will give me a nudge – thanks 🙂


  2. carleolson

    Thanks, Brad, for letting us know about the new Nosound. I have their previous albums, and the music is a wonderful marriage of electronica and prog. Is there a term for that? Electproggia? Progtronica? Good stuff!


  3. John and Carl, I find Giancarlo Erra simply stunning. What a beautiful sound he can create–and with his voice as an instrument, essentially. Carl, I think you first introduced me to them when we first met? Definitely constant rotation for me. Carl–as to a label? Hmm. . . maybe Hollis-esque, prog-shoe-gaze?



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