Schnikees: The Reasoned Thief!

frontpage_newlogoI guess I’m a little behind on prog news.  This was announced a few weeks ago–The Reasoning will be working with Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief on the next album.  Wonderful news.

For the first time we’ll be bringing in an outside producer, too: we’re honoured to welcome the wonderful Bruce Soord on board. The band are full of excitement and enthusiasm right now about getting firmly stuck into this new piece of work.

For the full article at PROG, go here–

What a solid collaboration–one for the ages.

One thought on “Schnikees: The Reasoned Thief!

  1. Just read the first two comments at the PROG piece. What rubbish. Yes, Soord will be excellent, but it will be a step from excellence to excellence. Adventures in Neverland is a gorgeously produced album.



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