Prog #35

rushcoverFEAT-237x300For those of us who don’t live in the UK, we have to wait a few extra days for our copies of PROG to arrive.  Mine arrives on the iPad, and I was thrilled to see so much good in the latest issue (out on iPad today).

Several Progarchist favorites are recognized and recognized well.

On Big Big Train’s English Electric 2:

For a band who have now been in existence for over 20 years to be creating albums as perfect as this is in itself utterly remarkable.  The fact that this is their second release of such a calibre within the space of a year can only reinforce the opinion that what we’re dealign with here is an act of rare, often indescribable brilliance.

I don’t see why the reviewer needed to bring up a Genesis reference and comparison twice.  Big Big Train is producing things so much beyond what Genesis did, though Genesis was, of course, brilliant in its own right.

But, Big Big Train is not Genesis Part II or Part III.  It’s Big Big Train.

Every time a review comes out of a new computer, the reviewer doesn’t keep bringing up the Commodore 64.  Why does a comparison to an early 70s band do anything for our understanding of a band performing perfectly beautifully in 2013, in and of its own right?  Ok, rant over.

On Cosmograf’s The Man Left in Space:

Armstrong has created a simply magnificent piece of work.

Amen.  And, a belated happy birthday to this genius, this Master of Chronometry and of the Platonic Spheres, Robin Armstrong.

Also in the issue: great stuff on Rush (even more, if you ordered the hardback edition of #35), on Todd Rundgren, and on RogerHodgson, and reviews of the latest from Sanguine Hum and Spock’s Beard.

To go to the official Prog site, click here.


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