A new Fierce and the Dead Song

firece spooky actionThere’s nothing quite like waking up to a Tuesday morning, getting the kids (and self) ready for school, and discovering that there now exists a new Fierce and the Dead song in the world!

And, yet, it’s true.  And, it’s a pure delight.  Prog, prog, prog, and a bit of The Smiths.  Thank you, Matt and Kev and the rest of the band.  Thank you, Bad Elephant Music (David and James).  A joy.


One thought on “A new Fierce and the Dead Song

  1. Brad,
    can’t hear The Smiths myself but that thumping, growling bass reminds me of JJ Burnel of The Stranglers. I find their sound quite unique due to Matt’s unusual guitar playing…its a strange mix of guitar and bass, a sort of dark and light and I can see why some people would find it quite difficult to engage with




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