Flower Kings sound snippet

FLower Kings 2013

Wow, what a day.  Coralspin, The Fierce and the Dead, and now. . . everyone’s favorite Swedish band, The Flower Kings.  Nice sound snippet uploaded to the web.  Sounds gorgeous.

My only worry is the Nixon voice at the beginning.  Scarier than anything that will happen on October 31!  If you can get past it, well, bless you.  And, it’s worth it.

The music sounds in continuity with Retropolis–undeniably fresh and meaningful.  Thank you, Roine.  For everything.


3 thoughts on “Flower Kings sound snippet

    1. eheter

      Ian – I only have two TFK albums so far (why, I don’t know, since I really like the two that I have). It’s hard to go wrong with ‘Space Revolver’ though, which is my favorite of the two (‘Banks of Eden’ is the other one I own).


    2. Ian and Erik, there’s a lot of diversity in the albums. I would rarely recommend this for a band, but you won’t go wrong with their 2-cd retrospective, The Raod Back Home–all remixed and expanded versions of 26 songs. Space Revolver is by far my favorite, though, I like every single they’ve done. After Space Revolver, I’d go to: 1) Paradox Hotel; 2) Stardust; and 3) Flower Power. But, you won’t go wrong with any of it. I think hardcore fans usually put Rainmaker as the least favorite (all relative, of course), but I listen to it all of the time.



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