Robin Armstrong, “On the Shoulders of Giants”

cosmografIt’s almost impossible to go wrong when quoting Bernard of Chartres.  It’s also nearly impossible to go wrong when you’re Robin Armstrong.  A moving piece of gratitude.

This is turning out to be quite a year for Cosmograf.   February saw the release of TMLIS which has exceeded all my expectations in terms of critical acclaim.  I was even nominated for a PROG award, as well as the album getting great reviews in the progressive rock press.

The new album scheduled for release in Spring 2014 is now all written and about to go through the exciting phase where I start asking guests to bring the whole thing to life.  Once again I’ve been blessed to be able to add Nick D’Virgilio to the cast, and the gods of prog have aligned, allowing his incredibly busy schedule to afford me a tiny window to add his talent on the drum throne.

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