In a Spirit of Gratitude: Andy Tillison offers even more. . . .

andy PO90


Andy writes the following at Facebook (here’s hoping he doesn’t mind me reposting here. . . .)

Pleased to announce number 2 in our Tangent Historical Artefacts Download Series. This time it’s a Po90 album – the very first one recorded in 1994-6. Apart from 30 home burned copies sold via the newly discovered “Information Super Highway” the album was subsequently released for a 500 copy limited run by Cyclops records AFTER the release of our Second album (Afterlifecycle). Like Porcupine Tree of the first couple of albums, Po90 was largely just one person.. in this case me. The album always included a 20 minute long BONUS track from the last days of GFDD which is the second version of the song “A Gap In The Night”. A Third version appeared on the Tangent’s album “The World We Drive Through”. This second version includes contributions from Guy Manning and Hugh Banton (VDGG) who recorded some organ for it (well actually there’s a story there.. he recorded it for ANOTHER song that we incorporated into this one) during rehearsals for a gig in Peterborough in the early 90s.

The album also includes a recording of the track we claim to have been the First Mp3 promotional file available for net download – “The Third Person”. The album is lyrical, very Tangent related and highly seminal to the rest of the dynasty’s output.

For the first time we’ve published a full set of lyrics with this album, the original 4 page cover plus all the new lyrics are included as a PDF virtual CD booklet and there’s a tray jpg if you wanna make the thing up. I’ve annotated the songs and written acouple of pages giving more info about the album. Hope some of you will go and see where what I’ve always seen as Chapter TWO started…

All funds we get from this are being ploughed into future projects (which includes tonight’s tea  ) and I hope those of you who get it enjoy it. Hint… Put the PDF onto a tablet/pad/phoney thing and browse it with the album! A nostalgic look back at the early days of the Third Wave…. And of course you get it at


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