Dream Theater (Best of 2013 — Part 3)

Coming in the #3 slot (in alphabetical order) on my Best of 2013 list is this self-titled splendor:

Dream Theater

Back in August, we got excited when we first heard the preview of “The Enemy Inside” (which has gone on to receive a Grammy nomination).

Then, in September, the band treated us to a full album stream.

My favorite tracks include the glorious “Along for the Ride” and the amazing “The Looking Glass” and the scintillating “Surrender to Reason“…

But let’s be real. Whatever track you are listening to at the moment becomes your favorite!

This is a powerfully good album. Surely everyone who knows and loves Rush can recognize the unmistakable musical excellence at work here.

What a thrill to hear Dream Theater at the top of their game, showing us their very best!

Exactly the sort of prog metal that I like best is found here on this upper-echelon release.

Congratulations, gentlemen.

With your musical panorama, you have given us what prog gives best.

Namely, the bigger picture.


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