PROG Magazine Celebrates the Forthcoming Glass Hammer CD

glasshammer ode to echo
Imagine taken from the PROG magazine website.

Really nice to see PROG magazine and editor Jerry Ewing giving Glass Hammer their just due!  Thank you, PROG.

Jon Davison, who also fronts Yes, has laid down vocal tracks alongside returned live singer Carl Groves and former member Susie Bogdanowicz. Guest musicians include Rob Reed of Magenta, David Ragsdale of Kansas and Randy Jackson of Zebra.

And the album marks Glass Hammer’s first-ever collaboration with an outside lyricist in the track Crowbone, penned by British historical fiction novelist Robert Low.

Babb tells Prog: “We turned a corner last year when Carl rejoined to fill in for Jon, who was touring with what we call ‘the other band.’ We knew it wasn’t a good thing to have Carl only front us on stage, but we’d always said how much we would love to have him in the studio, as well as Susie – so, back she came as well In our minds, they’d never really left.

To keep reading (and you should!), go here:

4 thoughts on “PROG Magazine Celebrates the Forthcoming Glass Hammer CD

  1. Guys, you have got to check out this new LP! If it’s Glass Hammer, it’ll be a masterpiece…this is some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard. I forget that it’s prog when I listen…or that it fits into any genre. One of my greatest joys is to go for long drives by myself or with my girlfriend with Glass Hammer cranked the whole way….they should be well known as a premier rock band all over America.


  2. Craig Haines

    Really looking forward to this! Going to be a great album with the whole GH family coming together to contribute. These guys outdo themselves with every release!



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