Celebr8.3 News

Photo from PROG.
Photo from PROG.

Jerry Ewing’s PROG has a nice teaser about the forthcoming prog festival, Celeb8.3.  For our British and European readers especially.  The rest of us get to joy for you and sorrow for us!

Incredible lineup: Andy Tillison’s The Tangent, Robin Armstrong’s Cosmograf, Matt Stevens’ The Fierce and the Dead, and Stu Nicholson’s Galahad.  Sheesh, like “old home week” at college.  Ok, feeling nothing but joy for my prog friends on the other side of the Atlantic, nothing but joy. . . .


One thought on “Celebr8.3 News

  1. Nick

    Don’t forget Sanguine Hum, Brad!

    I bought an early bird ticket for this event the moment it was announced, back in November. The line-up was excellent then and the addition of Cosmograf and Sanguine Hum just makes it even more essential.

    The previous incarnations, Celebr8 and Celebr8.2, were very special – but this has the potential to eclipse both of them.



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