The Tangent, AfterRicochet

Andy Tillison continues to be brilliant.  Homage to Tangerine Dream.

As Andy describes it:

Andy Tillison (Keyboards) and Luke Machin (Guitar) of THE TANGENT rehearse their Berlin School Electronica section of the Tangent’s set for the forthcoming European Mini Tour in May/June 2014. The tour features the two full progressive rock bands The Tangent and Karmakanic including members of Maschine, The Flower Kings and in London the band will be joined by Theo Travis, longtime associate of Tangent and currently the wind player with the Steven Wilson Band. All tour dates can be found at the Tangent website

This piece was recorded by Andy in Yorkshire, England in one take and similarly by Luke Machin in Brighton, England using an internet link. The music is all live with no overdubs from either musician. There are two parallel 4 note sequencers running for the duration of the song in the same way as Tangerine Dream would have used analogue step sequencers. This piece features the (currently) new Roland FA-06 workstation which is responsible for all the keyboard sounds you hear (minus the ebow guitar patch and the Mellotrons) – regardless of which keyboard appears to be being played. The laptop computer in the video is creating these other sounds and the large desktop computer is only switched on because it happened to be switched on. It’s not doing anything. The arpeggios are generated by the FA-06.

Sigh. . .


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