Bergen Proves, Yet Again, Its Wonderful Insanity: DSO

Det Skandaløse Orkester (The Scandalous Orchestra), is at satirical music group from Bergen, Norway. Since 2011 they have garnered a reputation for being an exeptional live band with a lot of energi, humour and antics. This spring they have played at lot of concert, one of them being “Nattjazz”, one of the biggest jazz festivals in Norway.

In June 2014 they released their debutalbum “NO HAR DE LAGET SKANDALE IGJEN!”, an albumtitle which is based on a typical catchphrase in the norwegian media and tabloids. An english translation of this would be something like “Yet another scandal!”

Their main influence is the music of Frank Zappa, something which becomes clear when you hear this exotic blend of musical madness and inappropriate blending of genres. Other important referances are Yes, Pink Floyd and music from cartoons, all of which reveals the ambitions of the music itself and the level of musicianship within the band.

More about the lyrics and concepts behind “NO HAR DE LAGET SKANDALE IGJEN”:

The album functions as a sosial commentary on how the media and the society we live in perceive and react to people who don’t fit into the mainstream. The lyrics make a point on how easily we transform a small and seemingly insignificant event into a scandal of epic proportions in the media. This is exemplified in stories about various public figures that in some way or another have felt the mercilessness of being scrutinized in the media. If you want more information about the lyrics let us know.

Download or stream the album here:

Music video:

Love in concert:


Press foto: Thomas Owren

Cover Art: Sondre Jørgensen

Contact info:
Det Skandaløse Orkester

www.skandalose.noDSO Pressebilde


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