Video from the new Dodson and Fogg album

New Dodson and Fogg video, from upcoming album… 


And, COMING SOON… Chris Wade’s acclaimed recording project continues with ‘In A Strange Slumber’. the sixth release by Dodson and Fogg. The album centres around the concept of dreams and death, and the connections between both subjects. At times a collage of nightmarish and dream-like imagery, the songs weave around colourfully, mixed in with short stories narrated by acclaimed British actor Nigel Planer (young Ones, Comic Strip), as if to give the listener a bed time story crackling away on an old record player. Surreal, varied and mixing numerous musical styles, including folk, rock, prog, blues and more. The album features Canadian musician Kevin Scott on piano and other instruments, Ricky Romain returns on the sitar, and appearances are made by Trees’ legend Celia Humphris and Mellow Candle’s Alison O’Donnell.



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