Dave Kerzner — “Premonition Suite” Teaser (New World Deluxe Edition) @DaveKerzner

Dave Kerzner comments:

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Deluxe Edition of my album New World sounds like. In this special expanded version of the album, it has been enhanced with both an elaborate dramatic “live concert” feel and lush cinematic atmosphere. The Deluxe Edition also includes 5 additional vocal songs and the entire double CD set contains over 140 minutes of new music.

This teaser is an edited sampler taken from the 9+ minute “Premonition Suite”, a 5-part instrumental that reprises songs from the standard edition of New World such as “Stranded parts 5 and 7” and more. It features Francis Dunnery on lead guitar who co-wrote the first two instrumental parts of “Premonition Suite.”

New World (Standard Edition), in case you didn’t know, is one of the Best Prog Albums of 2014.


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