Top Ten Rock Albums of 2014 (Part 1)

I have already shared with you my Top Ten Prog Albums of 2014, but today I would like to share the first half of my Top Ten Rock Albums of 2014 list.

These are ten additional albums that I think are a part of the cream of the crop of 2014, but they would probably not be counted by the Progarchists here as prog music.

They do exemplify, however, really great rock and roll. I listened to them a lot in 2014, and so I heartily recommend them to you, along with my regular Top Ten Prog list already shared.

The first five albums on my additional Top Ten Rock Albums of 2014 list (in alphabetical order) are:

Foo Fighters — Sonic Highways

Nothing More — Nothing More

The Pretty Reckless — Going to Hell

Slash — World on Fire

Sloan — Commonwealth

Note that side four of the Sloan album has a track that is 17:49 long, so there is an argument that could be made that this is a prog album. But due to the album’s other three (excellent) power pop sides, I place it on my rock list. Besides, the Top Ten Prog is already maxed out at 10 and chock full of excellence! But please, do check out the new Sloan album.

Tune in tomorrow for the last half of my Top Ten Rock Albums of 2014 list as I give you five more (in alphabetical order).

Long live rock! Prog on!


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