New World Deluxe Edition (with correct track listing) — Thanks to @DaveKerzner

Thank you to Dave Kerzner for letting Progarchy know what the correct track order is on the forthcoming 2-CD Deluxe Edition release of New World. Apparently an incorrect track order listing was posted earlier on to the Burning Shed site (it was an email accident and no fault of theirs) but it has since been corrected. The correct track order is up at So, for the record, here is the correct track order on the Deluxe Edition, in case anybody got confused:

CD 1:

Stranded (Part 1-5)
Part 1- Isolation
Part 2 – Delirium
Part 3 – March Of The Machines
Part 4 – Source Sublime
Part 5 – The Darkness
Into The Sun
The Lie
The Traveler
Under Control
Premonition Suite
Part 1 – Premonition
Part 2 – Resilience I
Part 3 – Subtle Signs Of Life
Part 4 – Altered State
Part 5 – Illuminessence
In The Garden
The Way Out
Recurring Dream

CD 2:

Crossing Of Fates
My Old Friend
Ocean Of Stars
New World
Redemption (Stranded Part 6-10)
Part 6 – The Oasis
Part 7 – Resilience II
Part 8 – High On The Dunes
Part 9 – Mirage Of The Machines
Part 10 – To The Light

Readers of this blog will know that I get skeptical when artists monkey with the integrity of previously established track ordering, so I am pleased to see that Dave is simply expanding New World and not scrambling what is already a masterpiece in the Standard Edition.

Dave also kindly pointed out that I was going around telling people that Stranded was one of the best albums of the year, whereas the real title of the album is New World.

How embarrassing! I feel like I just bumped into David Gilmour and then told him I was unsure whether he or Roger was the Mr. Floyd! (“By the way, which one’s…?”)

Calling all Progarchists: You can listen to a preview of “Premonition Suite” here and pre-order the Deluxe Edition here.

Prog on, Dave!

“Give me reason, give me art!”



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