An Exclusive Interview: Chris Thompson, President of Radiant Records

The new president of Radiant Records, Chris Thompson.
The new president of Radiant Records, Chris Thompson.

For those of you who have been with us since the very beginning of this website, you know how much we love and value Chris Thompson.  Even before we started the site, we contacted Chris at Radiant to make sure we could get some cds to review.  Chris, rather gloriously, answered not only positively, but with great enthusiasm.  It’s no exaggeration to state that his response gave us the confidence to launch

As just announced, Chris is the newly-appointed president of Radiant Records, arguably the premier American label for prog and art rock.

A few years ago, named Chris its overall “prog-guy” of that year.  In personal relations, he’s as kind and as intelligent as you might imagine.  In his professional demeanor, he’s totally. . . well, professional.

Today, to celebrate his new position as president of Radiant, we had a chance to talk with Chris about his role and the role of Radiant in the coming years.


Progarchy: Chris, thanks so much for taking your valuable time to talk with us. Can you tell us about your new position at Radiant?  What will you’ll be doing as President?

Chris:  Hey, Brad.  This new position has been created to allow me to focus on growing Radiant Records on a global level.  Also, with my focus being on the business side of the label, it will allow Neal much needed time to focus more on the music and creative side.

Progarchy: Can you give us hints as to where you’re going to take Radiant?

Chris:  With increased exposure in international markets and growing Progressive fan base in North America, signing new artists, and working to become a digital download hub for Progressive Rock, our desire is to take Radiant to the next level. With a state of the art recording studio, Radiant Studios, and the many relationships in manufacturing and distribution, we have a lot of room to grow and expand our organization.

Progarchy: Sounds perfect.  Can you give us a bit about your own background?

Chris:  My background is purchasing and estimating, as well as with anything organizational. Having worked with Neal in every area of touring (i.e. merch, lighting, tour management, booking, logistics), I have pretty well done it all. With my experience in marketing and merchandising, I will be able to assist Neal with product design and manufacturing, as well as other artists that we sign to the Radiant label. I have 20+ years in management and customer service, and I strive to offer better service than you can get anywhere else. Nothing less.

Progarchy: Finally, how would you assess the current and future states of rock music?

Chris:  Progressive Rock has held true, demanding high quality music and creative artwork and packaging. As the world is leaning toward mp3’s and a jpeg of a cover, our Progressive fans still love everything about the music and the artists that make it.  Radiant’s fans and customers are the best there are, and we are dedicated to bringing them the best music, the best products, the best shows, and the best customer service we can.

Progarchy:  Thanks so much, Chris.  You’re definitely the future of the genre, and it’s great to have you in this new position.  Congratulations!



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