Album of the Year: Vivaldi Metal Project ★★★★★ @VivaldiMetal

While many people with good taste recognize that Big Big Train is arguably the Band of the Year for 2016, I think the greatest Album of the Year for 2016 will prove to be the Vivaldi Metal Project.

On paper, the whole project sounds insane: take the basic structure of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, infuse it with newly composed music, add lyrics and singers, and transform it into a heavy metal concept album.

Sounds stupid, right? But no …

I was prepared to hate it, but instead I was surprised, blindsided, and completely blown away.

This album is insane, alright.

Insanely great.

I can’t stop listening to it!

Total genius, and totally shredtastic.

Five stars!

You can read more of my thoughts on the Vivaldi Metal Project in my review of the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Beyond. It’s a piece in which I meditate on what makes something a classic, by way of a digression on the many versions of Ben-Hur.


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