Jerry Ewing’s Brief and Diplomatic Explanation


This just appeared on Jerry’s wall at FB (late afternoon, December 19, 2016).  I post it not for reasons of gossip, but simply as news and information.

Of course, I’m totally on Jerry’s side. . . . Sounds like Dickensian nightmare.

Well you’ve heard the rumours. You’ve read the news. It would be remiss of me too say much on a public forum, but they walked in, told us TeamRock had gone into liquidation, no one was getting paid in December, and to vacate the premises there and then. I could rage now about some people, but that will come later. For now, almost 100 good people exit into the cold December night, unaware of whether they can afford a Christmas dinner, or a roof over their head in January. Good people who have slaved over great magazines for great musical causes for many years. Brilliantly talented people: [removed names Jerry lists]. The best of the best. We’ll be back folks. Watch this space…

2 thoughts on “Jerry Ewing’s Brief and Diplomatic Explanation

  1. Bryan Morey

    Wishing Jerry and everybody at Team Rock that got shafted the very best. This is a bunch of bull! Prog is the best magazine I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

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