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Dear Progarchists,

One of the only (well, probably the ONLY!) good things about PROG being shut down is seeing the amount of support being shown for our beloved friends.  On Facebook, everyone from Greg Spawton to Matt Cohen to Mike Portnoy and beyond has offered great words for Jerry and everyone at Prog.

Mike Morton of The Gift has taken this to the next level.  He’s set up a link to help donate to all of those who just lost their jobs.  Remember, they had no idea this was coming at work.  Not only were they let go this afternoon, they were denied pay for the previous three weeks as well.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Jerry and PROG have been nothing but great to us at progarchy.  Though we’re relatively new upstart punks on the street, Jerry has supported us time and again.  Not only did he promote us, but he sent us tidbits of news when he could.  When I (-Brad) published my book on Neil Peart, Jerry made sure to have it reviewed.  Amen, amen, amen.

Here’s the link (all legit) to donate to Jerry and gang, thus allowing them a semblance of a normal Christmas as they prepare for their next steps in life.


Thank you, Brad