My Best of 2017???

Let me just state from the outset that I love that Chris had the gumption to post his favorites albums of the year already.  We’re not even in December, Chris!  Love it.

So, just as an experiment, I checked my player’s settings and calculated the albums I listened to the most.  While I can’t claim this to be a fair statement of what I think the best of the year was–after all, some albums, such as Glass Hammer’s UNTOLD TALES.  It’s only had a month to compete against some albums that have had 11 months.  Still, it’s a marker.

Additionally, because my player calculates the number of plays for the year total, it registers all albums in my collections, not just those that came out in 2017.  So, by the number, folks, by the numbers—the ten most played albums in the Birzer house for the last 11 months.

No. 10 most played of 2017:

Glass Hammer Untold


No. 9 most played of 2017:

Forever Comes

No. 8 most played of 2017:


No. 7 most played of 2017:

the dark third

No. 6 most played of 2017:


No. 5 most played of 2017:


No. 4 most played of 2017:


No. 3 most played of 2017:


No. 2 most played of 2017:

Anathema Optimist

No. 1 most played of 2017.  According to my stats, I listened to this album 48 times!  This, of course, doesn’t count how many times I listened to it in the car or on my iPod.  My Lord, this album dominated by 2017!

BBT Grimspound

2 thoughts on “My Best of 2017???

  1. Great list. Brad, I was able to post early because I think nothing is coming out in December that I know about and am anticipating. There’s just the new U2 on Dec 1, but I know that it won’t make my Top 10 of 2017, which is really my Top 10 Prog Albums of 2017 list (since my overall listening bias is toward prog rock or at least rock that prog people would love because of the care and craftsmanship). The new U2 tracks released thus far are excellent, so maybe it will make one other list that I plan to release in December (e.g., I am thinking I should do a special list of my top metal or top pop/rock albums for the year). Ok, there is also the Steven Wilson soundtrack to come in December, but I doubt I will like that more than “To the Bone”. In other words, I knew with certainty that these 10 albums have the lock on my affections for the year. But, if I am wrong, I can always do another “Late to the Party” List early next year, if anything surprises me in December. By the way, Brad, it is no surprise that our lists overlap with BBT, since Progarchy basically originated as a BBT prog lovers Web site; but Dave Kerzner should be thrilled that the other point of consensus between us is his brilliant 2017 album “Static”! The editors are agreed…

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