Second Spring #6: “Bright Ambassadors of Morning” by Pure Reason Revolution

prr dark third
From 2006.

Taking the name of the song from lyrics by Pink Floyd, Pure Reason Revolution offered some of the best existentialist-electronica prog of the first decade of the 21st century with the fourth track–“Bright Ambassadors of Morning”–from their first and finest studio album, THE DARK THIRD.  The entire album is nothing if not a masterpiece, a blistering and loving whole, a deep and abiding well of creativity.

Not until nearly six minutes into the album does a human voice even appear, letting the listener know that this album is a work of art, not an attempt at popular cash-making.

The album itself deals with the dream state of human existence–the one third of our lives in which we allow the sandman to invade and Morpheus to rule.

TimeLord emailed me over the weekend, and we “talked” nothing but Pure Reason Revolution.  Since receiving the first email from my favorite progarchist Canadian philosopher, I’ve not listened to much else.  Three days later, and it seems critical to make this track my sixth Second Spring.

Admittedly, the lyrics mean absolutely nothing to me, but I love the very sound of them, each a loving caress.

As she waves
Better days
As she’s watching the watcher
Slowly sighs
Be aware
Leather eyes


Past Second Springs:

  1. Kevin McCormick’s “Storm Front”
  2. The Fierce and the Dead, “Part I”
  3. Big Big Train, “The Permanent Way”
  4. Talk Talk, “April 5”
  5. Ayreon, “One Small Step”

Inspired by Craig Breaden’s brilliant 104-part Soundstream, I’ve decided to post music that reveals that rock and jazz (and some other forms of music) are not the end of western civilization, but the culmination of western civilization up to this point in time.  A second spring, if you will.

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