2019 Prog (Plus) Preview 2!

More new music, live albums, reissues (regular, deluxe & super-deluxe) and even books about music heading our way between now and Christmas?  Yep.  Following up on my previous post, it’s another exhaustive sampling of promised progressive goodies — along with other personal priorities — below.  Click on the titles for pre-order links — whenever possible, you’ll wind up at the online store that gets as much money as possible directly to the creators.

Out now:

Andrew Keeling, Musical Guide to In the Court of the Crimson King, 10/50 Edition: composer/musicologist/online diarist Keeling’s revision of his 2009 book (the first of a series acclaimed by King Crimson’s Robert Fripp).

Marillion with Friends from the Orchestra: 9 Marillion classics re-recorded by the full band, the string quartet In Praise of Folly, flautist Emma Halnan and French horn player Sam Morris.  Available on CD.

A Prog Rock Christmas: Billy Sherwood produces 11 holiday-themed tracks from the typical all-star cast (members of Yes, Utopia, Flying Colors, Renaissance, District 97, Curved Air and more).  Download and CD available now; LP available November 1.


October 25:

King Crimson, In the Court of the Crimson King (50th Anniversary Edition): featuring brand new stereo and surround mixes in 24/96 resolution by Steven Wilson.  Available in 3 CD + BluRay or  2 LP versions.  (Note that the new mixes will also be included in the Complete 1969  CD/DVD/BluRay box set, which has been delayed until 2020.)

Van Morrison, Three Chords and the Truth: 14 new songs from Van the Man, available in digital, CD or LP versions.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Colorado: the first Young/Horse collaboration since the 2012 albums Americana and Psychedelic Pill, available in CD or 2LP versions.

November 1:

Bob Dylan, The Bootleg Series, Volume 15, Travelin’ Thru, featuring Johnny Cash: focusing on Dylan’s musical adventures in Nashville from 1967 to 1969, yielding the albums John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline.  Plus collaborations with country legends Cash and Earl Scruggs.  Available in digital, 3 CD or 3 LP versions.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO, From Out of Nowhere: 10 new songs, recorded by Lynne in one-man-band style.  Available in digital, CD or LP versions.

Marillion, Afraid of Sunlight, Deluxe Edition: the 1995 album remixed by Michael Hunter, plus a complete show recorded in Rotterdam.  Available in 4 CD + BluRay or 5 LP versions.


November 8:

Dave Kerzner, Breakdown – A Compilation 1995-2019: 21 tracks, including live & alternative versions of tunes by Kevin Gilbert’s Thud, Sound of Contact, Mantra Vega, Lo-Fi Resistance, In Continuum and the Dave Kerzner Band.  Available in digital or 2 CD versions.

Francisco Perdomo, The Crimson Guitar: solo guitar arrangements of 1970s King Crimson classics from the Dave Kerzner Band/Echo in the Canyon guitarist. Available in digital or CD versions.


November 15:

The Band (50th Anniversary Edition): the classic, groundbreaking follow-up to 1967’s Music from Big Pink.  New remix by Bob Clearmountain, plus the complete, previously unreleased 1969 Woodstock festival performance and 13 bonus tracks (6 previously unreleased).  Available in 2 CD, 2 LP (regular or “Tiger’s Eye” vinyl) and 2 CD/2 LP/1 single/BluRay versions.

Sid Smith, In the Court of King Crimson -An Observation Over 50 Years: Smith’s highly acclaimed band biography, revised and doubled in size from its original 2002 edition.  To avoid prohibitive overseas shipping costs, watch the DGM USA shop for imported copies, or order from the Amazon-owned Book Depository.

The Pineapple Thief, Hold Our Fire: recorded live on the UK Dissolution tour.  Available in digital, CD or LP versions.


November 22:

Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the Dance: Cohen’s final musical sketches, completed by his son Adam Cohen with friends and comrades from around the world.  Available in digital, CD or LP  versions.

No-Man, Love You to Bits: Steven Wilson & Tim Bowness’ first album in 11 years, doubling back to their 1990s roots with two multi-part electronica/pop/ambient/fusion epics. With guest shots by SW keyboardist Adam Holzman and Big Big Train’s brass section!  In Bowness’ words: “it will be very different from any No-Man album that’s preceded it, while being completely No-Man, and I think that it will, yeah, be controversial, shall we say?”  Available in digital, CD and LP (regular or blue vinyl) versions.


November 29:

Pink Floyd, The Later Years, 1987-2019: Monster 5 CD/5 DVD/6 BluRay box; expensive, sketchily comprehesive — and irresistible to a certain Floydhead demographic.  (Probably including me.) More info here.

Riverside, Wasteland (Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix): a special 2 CD/DVD version, including 5 previously unreleased acoustic tracks.  More info here.


December 3 (moved from November 5):

Pete Townshend, The Age of Anxiety: the first novel from the Who’s guitarist/auteur, originally conceived as a rock opera/art installation, tackling (as one does), “mythic and operatic themes including a maze, divine madness and long-lost children.”


December 6 (moved from November 22):

The Who, Who: Quoting Pete Townshend again, are The Who indeed “closer to prog rock than, say, Led Zeppelin”?  Maybe their first new album in 13 years is a chance to find out.  Available in digital, CD, LP, 3 disc 10-inch 45 rpm vinyl & cassette versions.  Really.


— Rick Krueger


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