Starlifter: Live Performance by Crown Lands

Prepare for prog liftoff! Are you ready for Rush: The Next Generation? This exciting new video from Crown Lands shows them playing their newest song live. It’s an amazing performance. We can’t wait for their Fearless album release at the end of March.

As noted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Crown Lands’ music tells a story inspired by what songwriter Cody Bowles calls “Indigenous futurism.” There’s a science fiction narrative running throughout their catalogue, about an anti-capitalist space hero fighting colonization across the stars. Genre pastiche is a huge part of Crown Lands’ approach, but this feels unique.

Why not explore their back catalogue while you await the Fearless double LP to be released at the end of March 2023?

Catch them live, if you can, because they’re an outstanding duo in concert!

0:00 I. Overture

3:09 II. Begin Transmission 

3:52 III. Fearless Awakens. 

5:35 IV. Departure 

6:53 V. The Journey

9:40 VI. Interfacing The Machine 

11:26 VII. Requiem 

12:52 VIII. The Battle Of Starlifter 

15:32 IX. Event Horizon

I. Overture

I’ve returned  

Beyond the realms of light

Yet I see a tarnished world devoid of life

I recall 

In the deeps within the void 

Of a greed that grips the hearts of mortal men

To the stars

They colonized our worlds  

And a vast machine has caged our dying sun!

II. Begin Transmission 


III. Fearless Awakens 

All around the winded spires 

There I did arise

Where the oceans that once churned

The sands replaced in time 

All the ones I’ve known and loved 

Have passed so long ago

And their distant echoed voices 

Trapped within the stone

The imposing fortress 

Lines the outer wall

By my hand I swear 

I will bring its fall!

Power-hungry tyrants hailing 

From a distant star 

A disregard for life! 

On the worlds eclipsed by war

Trekking down the barren road 

To where the great ships loom

Starlifters set to launch    

To spell the planet’s doom 

Calling ancient wisdom 

Present evermore

For my name is Fearless

And this world shall be restored 

IV. Departure

Wicked engines wheeling 

Through the dizzying abyss 

Riding silver flames 

Into the great beyond 

V. The Journey 

Through vast oceans of space

I sail across the stars 

To rout the Syndicate 

Before the dawning war 

Steal into the brig

Encounter the machine 

Risking everything 

I recognize 

The artificial prisoner 

Held against its will

Destroying outer worlds

To turn the planets still 

Two minds combined into

The integrated whole

Synaptic matrices 

I must take control 

VI. Interfacing The Machine 


VII. Requiem 

In the dark

A cold machine 

I am

I am lost, but I see 

I transcend   

This mortal shell 

And I await the reckoning 

If life is a wheel

Please let it spin…

VIII. The Battle Of Starlifter

We alone command the Starlifters

You will not win this war…

The stellar engine cannot be destroyed

This is the end for you, Fearless

We control the stars 

And all the fates of our worlds!

IX. Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Point of no return 

Black hole!!

Machine Messiah   

One-one zero-zero 

Sail into the point

Of no return!!


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