Space Elevator II (May 25) @SpaceElevatorUK @TheDuchessSpace

Here’s a taste of the new album Space Elevator II coming on May 25 from Space Elevator:

There’s a new mix on the new album of a track from their first album. As a preview, here is the frenetic new video for the song:

Why can’t the Duchess be the new Doctor Who? She’d be amazing…

In the first episode, she could travel back in time to get Genesis to sing a song about her on Duke.

Top 6 Rock Albums of 2016

In addition to my lists of the Top 10 Metal Albums of 2016 and the Top 6 Prog Albums of 2016 (+4 from the Metal list makes it a Top 10 Prog list), I wanted to add another 6 albums of pure Rock.

(For those of you doing the math, this makes it a total of 22 for my favorite albums of 2016. That’s the same total number of favorites that I picked last year.)

Sure, there’s a hint of prog on Space Elevator, especially on the last track, which, at the very end, recapitulates themes from most of the preceding songs on the entire album. And the recapitulation forms a conceptual part of the grand finale to the sci-fi framing sequence for the whole album. But nonetheless the album is mostly a pop-rock masterpiece that goes down smooth, so I place it on my Rock list.

Wolfmother, Weezer, and Sting all delivered perfect albums this year. They each deserve supreme recognition for doing so. Among this year’s most highly satisfying discs, I gave them all multiple spins over the weeks of 2016.

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The First Band in Space! @TheDuchessSpace @SpaceElevatorUK

Hey, all you prog people, forget about concept albums.

How about a concept concert?

Here’s the concept:

Who will be the first rock band to rock out in space?

Well, it’s not just a dream.

Space Elevator is already making plans!

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“Don’t Believe a Word” @SpaceElevatorUK @TheDuchessSpace — Space Elevator

Their eponymous 2016 album, Space Elevator, is like stepping into the TARDIS and then stepping out somewhere in the 1980s. Check it out… it’s really great. In addition to that album, there’s also this benefit single, a fine Thin Lizzy remake.

The band has a name that is more than a cool name. They are actually involved with promoting the building of the thing! Super cool, right?

If you like their music, make a pledge toward their second album.