40th Anniversary of First Peter Gabriel Solo



This today from Peter Gabriel himself:


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Peter’s first solo album.

“This record was my first step as a solo artist, the first step away from being a part of a band. I was uncertain of what I could or couldn’t do so went with some of Bob Ezrin’s choice of musicians (including Tony Levin) and invited Robert Fripp and Larry Fast to cover my more soundscape orientated / European ambitions. Although it was mainly recorded in a snowy couple of weeks in Toronto I remember the sessions as fast, exciting and hot. Many of the backing tracks were put down live, working to the limitations of the 16-track tape machine.

It was a fun, intense and scary session, with a great band – who later came out to tour with me.” Peter Gabriel, February 2017.

Following his departure from Genesis two years previously and his intervening, self-imposed, exile from the music business the album was the start of a new phase of Peter’s creative life, a chance to be the master of his own destiny and be respected as a songwriter and artist in his own right;

“It took me three albums to get the confidence and to find out what I could do that made me different from other people. And the first record really was a process of trying.“

To read the full release, go here: http://petergabriel.com/news/pg1-40th-anniversary/?utm_source=petergabriel.com&utm_campaign=8ae74ec46d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_22&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a92d0b9e66-8ae74ec46d-135531113&mc_cid=8ae74ec46d&mc_eid=46fc9f7e93

PROG Magazine Issue 74


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IMG 2.jpg

For better or worse, the latest issue of PROG is just slightly too big for my scanner to handle it all.  Ian would be proud, I’m sure.

I suppose it seems a bit silly for me to state the following.  After all, who I am–a goofy, middle-aged American professor and historian?

Still, when PROG issue 74 showed up in my post box today, I was both thrilled and proud.  Yes, the proud part is the silliness.  Does Jerry Ewing need me to be proud of him?  Well, I am.

After everything PROG has gone through over the past three months, how great is it that I get issue 74 only days after it’s released.  Under the previous company, it took about a month for each issue to get here (in the states).  In fact, issue 73 just showed up this past weekend.  Now, 74 is already here.


And, it looks gorgeous.  Jethro Tull, Tim Bowness, The Mute Gods, ARW, Dream Theater, and Blackfield are all covered.  And, best of all, Greg Spawton shows up on page 10 and Andy Tillison and Matt Cohen on page 11.  Call me a very happy fanboy.

Congratulations, Jerry!  You are our leader.  No question.

Big Big Train Release Tracklist and Artwork for New Album, Grimspound



eb650ad8-d14e-4346-9ecb-72a2973822f3Via, Prog mag, the mighty Big Big Train have released the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming album, Grimspound. The album is set for release on April 28, 2017, with pre-orders beginning in March.

The band has a few surprises up their sleeve, including guest vocals from Judy Dyble and even lead vocals from Nick d’Virgilio and Rachel Hall. The medley of voices should pair nicely with David Longdon’s golden voice.

With three live shows scheduled for late September/October, BBT have a busy year ahead.

Grimspound tracklist:

  1. Brave Captain
  2. On The Racing Line
  3. Experimental Gentlemen
  4. Meadowland
  5. Grimspound
  6. The Ivy Gate
  7. A Mead Hall In Winter
  8. As The Crow Flies

Aryeon: “Everybody Dies” Video


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Lego Ayreon

When Arjen Lucassen does some thing, he does that some thing perfectly.

The music of this brand new video is a cross between QUEEN and Lucassen’s own STAR ONE, but it’s still pure ARYEON.

As I’ve written before many times and will write again, I’m sure, Lucassen is a master story teller, a science fiction genius, building worlds as well as Frank Herbert and George Lucas.

Just look at the spectacular graphics of this video.  Quite stunning.

Latest Single: Newspaperflyhunting’s “Hours Pass”


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The first single from their forthcoming album.

Our great Polish friends, the members of Newspaperflyhunting, have just released their latest single at Bandcamp.

In continuity with their past musical approach, but armed with excellent new ideas, the band progresses properly.  Be prepared for a much proggier 1985 New Order mixed with some 1990 Cranberries mixed with the genius that alone belongs to NPFH!

From their forthcoming album.