The Tangent News


As most readers of Progarchy well know, Andy Tillison will be releasing the new The Tangent album at the end of this month.  Any Tillison release is as much an event as it is a momentous moment.  As he’s proven time and again over the last decade with The Tangent releases, Tillison is a true believer in the roots and the origins of prog as well as in the future and innovation of prog.  He’s a seeker of all things excellent and beautiful.

Bringing in David Longdon for the new album is a touch of genius.  But, Longdon is not alone.  Bassist Jonas Reingold and guitarist Jakko M. Jakszyk join as well.

In case you’re interested, and I assume we all are, there are two pieces on the internet well worth checking out today:

A newspaper interview with Tillison here:

And, the first review of the new The Tangent album here:

You can order the album here:


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