“Massive Bereavement” by Oceansize (Second Spring #8)

oceansize effl
Oceansize’s 2003 masterful, Effloresce.

I will admit, I find it rather hard to believe that this song is already fifteen years old.  Stunning.  For an all-too-brief moment, Oceansize was it.  The ultimate prog, space rock, space prog (labels!!!) band in the world.  Combining psychedelic and often nonsensical lyrics with heavy rock and atmosphere cords and walls of sound, Oceansize seemed far far removed from its namesake–the song of by the utterly bizarre Jane’s Addiction.

Oceansize jumped into the music without trepidation.  Nothing from the band felt forced or contrived, though the lyrics and the music shouldn’t have worked most of the time.  But, it always did.

Taken from their 2003 album, EFFLORESCE, 10-minute track–no. four on the album–was the standout track.  There’s not a dud on the album, but “Massive Bereavement” has it all–angst, existential doubt, angry power cords, grunge, and anxious lyrics.  Then, after over six minutes of hard-rocking chaos, the song suddenly resolves into a pop-friendly moment.  “What a way to go.  I’m still running for that bus we moved years ago. . .”

Is this not what you expected

Is this not what you expected

Is this not what you expected


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Inspired by Craig Breaden’s brilliant 104-part Soundstream, I’ve decided to post music that reveals that rock and jazz (and some other forms of music) are not the end of western civilization, but the culmination of western civilization up to this point in time.  A second spring, if you will.


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