Two more from the Elephant

Finally I have unpacked the trunk of album reviews that backed up last year, and this reviews catches up on two albums Bad Elephant released back in October last year, and which are worth having a listen to, before they unleash the new Tom Slatter album on the unsuspecting world.


The Far Meadow: Given the Impossible


Formed back in 2014 this is the first album on Bad Elephant from London based 5 piece, The Far Meadow and was released back in October last year.

As is common with so many of the wonderful artists signed to Bad Elephant, the band defy categorisation, veering from traditional progressive sounds to folk and back with a dazzling array of performances and sounds that make this an excellent album to listen to.

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So, what happens when you mix one extremely talented musician with one extremely ditzy professor?  You get a notice about some amazing music six months too late!

As I was going through some research papers tonight, I found this package from Ann Arbor, Michigan– a CD (beautifully packaged, by the way) and a number of postcards from 7Sleepers.

Make sure you check them out.  I’ll be reporting on them a bit more in the near future. . . .

In the meantime, my apologies to Robin and to all progarchists!  Also, make sure you check out Iris’s reviews at GrendelHQ.

The Mysterious Sound of CFCF

CFCF is Michael Silver, from Montreal (where a local TV station is CFCF-TV). I discovered his music via Spotify, where it is part of their Atmospheric Calm playlist. My students enjoy working on calculus problems while it plays in the background.

The playlist is several hours long, and CFCF’s songs consistently grabbed my attention. I went ahead and purchased his 2013 album, Outsiders, and it is a true work of beauty. He mixes 21st century ambient electronics with subdued vocals and compelling melodies. Fans of classic Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, and Brian Eno will love this stuff. It has a definite ’80s vibe, in a respectful and appreciative way. I can’t stop listening to it.

Here’s one of the best songs off of Outsiders, “Strange Form Of Life”:

soundstreamsunday: Sonnenblumenstahl by Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk

schnaussmunk2I’m continuing with my Jonas Munk kick from two weeks ago, when I posted the fabulous Sun River stream, “Esperanza Villanueva”. “Sonnenblumenstahl” is a beautiful piece of Moebius/Roedelius/Plank-style krautrock from Munk’s and Ulrich Schnauss’s highly recommended 2011 full-length collaboration. Munk the guitarist and Schnauss the keyboardist have both left their influential mark on ambient techno, and together they make music that is generous, melodic, and open, combining the best of both their musics. This song could be from Cluster’s Sowiesoso (or Zuckerzeit, OR Grosses Wasser), but has a character uniquely its own.

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